I have quickly re-made the video.
What do you think?

If no one is looking at this blog anymore, and I don't recieve any comment by tomorrow, then I will upload this video on Youtube.




Good job everyone, and thank you all for working hard for the game.
Although we had a lot of trouble, we managed to present our game.
And that's excellent.

After people played the game, I asked them to grade the game out of ten.
I'm pretty sure, it will be difficult for them to give us a bad grade in front of us,
but it seems the most of them actually enjoyed the game. One person even gave us 11.

Like the last time, we have only got six stickers.
But since about only ten or less people played this game, the percentage of the people who thought the game is worth a sticker was high.

The biggest problem we had was a technical difficulty.
Like, the sound was too faint, the sticks broke, wireless mouse didn't work etc...
(Broken sticks are totally my fault. I should have chosen a stronger material.)
Because of those troubles, we failed to attract people in the first hour, which is a big loss.

Little problems are:
It might have been a bit too scary for girls. One girl ran away when I asked her to play it.
People tend to hit the bear too strongly. Since they are so excited, they can't save their force.
Appearance isn't very attractive.

After all, those people who played the game, said that they enjoyed it.
Once they play it, they like it, but we couldn't make them play it.
Therefore, our idea of the game was good, but we failed at the process to advertise and provide the game.

So, now I really want to revenge.
The only way to revenge is to get on a newspaper.
And we have about two weeks to do that.
I'm going to think about ways to become famous on this weekend.


And the Money
We need to see each other again to pay back for whatever each individual bought for the game.

Our team website

These are the links to our website on the hunter hunted exertion game:

The poster with sentences

I realized that the poster needs sentences that describes the game.

Finished Program

Can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tw2inzvkygt

Make sure to have your speakers turned on, the players are told who the Hunter is by sound. Oh and if you don't play it through and exit that way, you need to stop the javaw.exe process.



Program Update

Hey guys, Shaun again, just wanted to give a progress report on the program.

So now there's a main menu that you can start a new game from, and it runs the game in 10 'rounds' of 20 seconds. Just from testing it 10 seems like a lot so what would you guys think of changing it to 6 or 8? It's easy to change so just let me know.

A sound plays after 20 seconds to signal the end of the round.

So the last thing that I need to do is to add a pop-up window that asks you if the hunter was successful, and it'll be done :)